Professional Video + Dynamic Graphics = Wits End Productions
Professional Video + Dynamic Graphics = Wits End Productions
                                                              How to make a voice file or sound file on your computer.

You may ask why I would want to make a voice message on my computer. Well there can be several reasons, such as, you donít type very well and you want to send a message via email. Thatís right you can record your message and attach it to email and you wonít have to type your message in. Another reason is for voice over. My friend Larry, wants to do a voice over for a video clip that we are making. He will just make the voice file, send it to me and I will put it to the video. This way I donít have to be there. He also has a great voice and can send a special voice over message to companies that sell voice overís. Let me know if you have more reasons why you would make a voice message. Here are the step by step instructions to follow: have to determine if your computer has a built in microphone. How do I do that?
2.go to start
3.go to accessories
4.go to entertainment
5.choose/click on sound recorder on the red button to record
7.say something - anything on the black square button to stop on the rewind arrow on the play button
11.if you hear your voice then you have a built in microphone, if you do not you must use an external microphone. you should make sure it has a USB plug, as this will be the easiest way to install the microphone.
If you use the 2 prong end, you will not know which end goes where. Here is a microphone that has a USB end/plug. that you have the microphone issue dealt with, it is time to start recording.
14.follow instructions as above, start/accessories/entertainment/sound recorder and push the record button.
15.record your message and when you try to close the program by the X at the top right hand corner of your browser, it will ask if you want to save this sound file. Click yes.
16.then put the sound file in ďmy musicĒ into a folder so you know where the file is. If you do not know how to make a new folder go here: you are ready to send this file via email. If you do not know how to do that go here: