Internet Marketing Strategies and procedures
                                       Relating to Search Engines

NOTE:  There are 2 ways to get onto the front-page of Yahoo or Google Search Engines - You choose which is best for you. Why is this important? Please understand that your click through ratio is about 5 to 6% and you will get 2 to 3% of the people going on your site to actually purchase or become a customer. It is vital to know what your profit of your product is so that you will not spend $10.00 per order to get $5.00 back. Here is the formula you should look at:

Selling Product A @ $20.00 each.
Actually cost of product is $10.00 each - this does not include any other cost related to this, such as operating cost, sales costs, etc…
Gross Profit is $10.00
1.Now we know that pay per click cost for each item is $.50  (what Google or Yahoo would charge for each click to your website.)
           Let’s say you have 1000 clicks so the cost of this is $500.00
2. You have 6% click through to your website = 60 potential customers
3. You have 3% buy products = 30 customers x $10.00 profit = $300.00 profit
So at $.50 cost per click you would lose a lot of money. But at $.20 per click you would be at $.20 x 1000 = $200.00 making your gross profit $100.00. It is vital to know what your product profit is and not exceed 60% of that to do any pay per click marketing. I know that at $.20 per click you want to have a million clicks with the search engines
                           Sponsor programs against Organic Listing

                                                            Sponsor Programs

1. For a set fee per month, depending on your budget and resources you can get onto the home page within 48 hours. I have been successful in doing this. Our budget was  $300.00 per Month. Understand we budget $10.00 per day and your site will be in the top 5 of the paid sponsor section for only the period of the day that you have a balance for that day. For example: If you are paying $.20 per click you will get 50 clicks and then you will have used your budget for the day. So it may turn out that you will only be on for 5 hours for that day. We can determine the hours of the day you feel that you would like to have your site name on the home page or we can gradually increase your budget so that your name is up for as long as you wish. REMEMBER IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR PRODUCT COSTS ARE AND YOU MAINTAIN 60% RATIO THEN YOU WILL NOT CARE HOW MUCH YOU SPEND FOR THIS MARKETING AS YOU WILL MAKE 40% MORE EACH DAY YOUR SITE IS ON THE HOME PAGE OF THE SEARCH ENGINES.

You also have a nice local program that is available with Yahoo that can have your name and website on the front page of every keyword listing as a Local Listing. Go to Yahoo and search for “apartments to rent Myrtle Beach.” At the top of the page you will see local listing, click on that and you will see all the local listings in the Myrtle Beach area. The cost of this program is anywhere from $10.00 per month to $30.00 per month. The nice feature about this is that Yahoo advertises the top 3 companies in the local listing section right before the Organic Listings begin. Try it with your product. This is only valuable if you want to advertise to a local potential.
                                  Organic Listing

Nine (9) Do Not's when building your website or submitting your website to search engines:

1. Google Bombing: set up main website then set up 100’s of other 1 page websites and link these to your main website to increase your linking numbers

2. Duplicate Site: set up main website then set up any number of other websites and just change the meta tag, titles, some content in each website and link these duplicate websites to the main website to increase the link number for the search engine

3. Cloaking: Display one website for Goggle full of keywords, etc.. and have another website for the potential customer.

4. Hidden Text: if you type in white text on a white background this will not be visible to the visitor but will be part of the source code that the search engines will see when indexing your site. This is usually done at the bottom of a web page

5. Doorway Page: have an intro page that is full of keywords for the search engines, then the visitor is directed to your normal website.

6. Automated Submission/Links: you can contract companies that all they will do is submit your site multiple times per week to get the search engines to look at your site. They also will have links that do not relate to your site.

7. Keyword Stuffing: using the same word over and over again in your meta tags. You should only use the same word a maximum of 3 times.

8. Link Farming: creating networks of links not related you your subject matter of the website.

9. Paid Links: where you pay some one to link to your site. This is hard for the search engine to prove, but if they find out you paid for the link you will be penalized.
Proper Methods to get your website on the front page of Search Engines through Organic methods:

1. If you submit your site for indexing to either Yahoo or Google it will take anywhere from 3 to 6 months for them to look at your site after submission. Now that your site is indexed, you have to work to get your site to the top 5 of the front page.

2. One way of helping the time factor is to submit to Free Directories, such as or  Free Directories are important because it is an actual human being that looks through your site and indexes it to a level depending on Keywords, Links, etc… The term Free Directories is a little misleading as Yahoo charges a flat rate of $299 and they guarantee that they will index you within 1 week. If you choose not to pay that fee, they will still index you but it will take 3 to 6 weeks to look at your site. There are many other Free Directories to submit to and you can find a complete list for these through a Google or Yahoo search. You must list with these 2 companies, and it is suggested that you list with all the companies that offer FREE DIRECTORIES.

4. YOU NEED LINKS:  The major method to get to the top of the search engine ranking is through linking. You are rewarded for links to your website more than links from your website. The most important factor with linking is RELATIVE LINKS. The company linking to your site must have something to do with your product. Vendors, Associations, Customers with their own websites are all good RELATIVE LINKS. You have to be careful with reciprocal links. They say that 80% of links coming into your website should not be reciprocal. I do not believe this unless the links are not relative. If you go out and get links to your website that are relative to your product and then you put your link on their website because it is relative to their product, I cannot imagine Google or Yahoo penalizing you for this

5. A common method that is overlooked everyday is to not update, not put new and original information on your website. If Google or Yahoo crawls your site 3 months later and the same information is on the site, you will get dropped down. Put NEW - ORIGINAL - QUALITY - CONTENT on your site weekly or daily if you have the time. Add newsletters, testimonials, product news reports, press releases, product articles or new content, new keywords as often as you can. There are several companies that specialize with writing articles or press releases for a nominal fee. I use from time to time when I am asked by my customers for copy on their website. Most of the time, you can write the draft and get it professionally reviewed by an expert. It has to become a daily, weekly, monthly part of you business chores.

2.Put in a Google site map on your website. This is a new tool for me so I am still learning the workability of inserting this site map. I’m not sure whether I like a site map or not visible on a website. It is the same for stat counters. Some people like them to be visible and others do not. After all this is your website!


·You can spend your time on a daily basis and make sure all of these methods are done.
·You can spend time every day and monitor the results.
·You can research new methods in continuing to develop your business on the Internet.


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·Daily/weekly/ or monthly results emailed to you.
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Professional Video + Dynamic Graphics = Wits End Productions